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The work of skilled facilitators has never been more necessary or important. Opening up the space for dialogue for all is needed now, more than ever. Holding Space: A Guide to Mindful Facilitation is a starting point, intended to make it easier for coaches, facilitators and leaders to step forward with confidence. Authors Kate Ebner, CEO of The Nebo Company, and her colleague Izzy Martens, a certified facilitator, writer and yoga teacher, share stories, lessons and strategies for facilitating important conversations and gatherings.

Holding Space begins with the insight that becoming a great facilitator requires a willingness to look within, including an examination of one’s own beliefs and biases, presence, unique traits and trigger points. Discover how to tap into the practice of mindfulness to “hold space” for others and create extraordinary–even transformational–experiences and outcomes.

The Nebo Company develops transformational leaders and organizations who can meet the challenges of today and the future.  Our network of top facilitators and leadership coaches provide support, creativity and new strategies for navigating 21st century complexity.

The Nebo Company


Holding Space Facilitator Certification Program

In 2023, The Nebo Company will offer a facilitator certification program based on the content in Holding Space.


Highly engaging and interactive, the program will prepare facilitators for success in a range of circumstances. Sign up below to be notified when we have more information about the program. 

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